Rating of IC «BROKBUSINESS» is confirmed at the level uaAA-

 March 16, 2015 at the meeting of the rating committee of RA “Expert-Rating” it was decided to update the financial   stability   rating   of   the   insurer   Private   JSC   “Insurance   company   “BROKBUSINESS”   (20344871)   at  the level uaAA- according to the national scale. Confirming the rating, the Agency was guided by the results of the Company’s activity for 2014.

1. For 2014 assets of IC “BROKBUSINESS” have grown by UAH 11,29 mln up to the level UAH 237,31 mln.   Shareholders’  equity  of  the  Company  has  increased   by UAH 30,58  mln   up   to  UAH   157,89   mln,   and gross liabilities  have  reduced   by   UAH 19,29   mln   down   to   UAH   79,42   mln.   The  result  has  become  a  sharp   growth  of capitalization:   if   on   31.12.2013   the   ratio   of   shareholders’   equity   to   liabilities   of   the   insurer   has   amounted   to 128,97%, then on 31.12.2014 – already 198,8%. Therefore, on 31.12.2014 shareholders’ equity of the insurer has exceeded its liabilities almost in twice.

2. Liquid assets at the Company’s accounts as of 31.12.2014 have amounted to UAH 88,84 mln, while a year   earlier  this  indicator  has  amounted  to  UAH   69,51  mln

A   significant  decrease  in  liabilities  against  the background of  the  growth   of  cash   balances  has  resulted  in   the  increase  in   the  liquidity  ratio   by  41,42  p.p.  up  to 111,85%. This level of covering liabilities with cash is assessed by the Agency as one of the highest in the industry.

3.   For   the   12   months   of   2014   the   Company  has   collected   UAH   127,2   mln   of   insurance   premiums.   The decrease   in   gross   premiums   by   31,81%   with   respect   to   the   result   of   2013   is   explained   by   a   sharp   reduction   of business   activity   in   Ukraine,   especially   during   the   last   two   months   of   2014.   Proportion   of   reinsurers  has   also significantly fallen (by 63,4%): down to UAH 13,67 mln that has amounted to 10,75% from total volume of gross premiums. Insurance indemnities and reimbursements, performed by the insurer for the 12 months of 2014, have amounted to UAH 33,2 mln that is only by 8,31% less than the indicator of 2013. General level of the Company’s indemnities has grown by 6,69 p.p. and has amounted to 26,1% that approximately corresponds to the average level of indemnities of the market.

4. Financial result from operating activity of the Company according to the results of 2014 has amounted to UAH 64,05 mln that is by UAH 16,1 mln higher than in 2013. In total in the analyzed period the insurer has earned UAH 67,4 mln of net profit that exceeds the result of 2013 by UAH 19,14 mln (39,67%). The increase in net and operational profit of the insurer has positively affected the indicators of the activity efficiency: ROE has increased by 4,78 p.p., and ROS has risen by 24,65 p.p.

Having analyzed the statements of IC “BROKBUSINESS” for the 12 months of 2014, the Agency notes a good reserve of shareholders’ equity, a very good level of liquidity, as well as a noticeable increase in net profit of the Company that is a significant achievement, considering more than a difficult situation in the market.


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